«Artist and ex-graffiti artist who loves snowboarding, surfing, as well as wild nature, using it for inspiration in art»


Kirill Kornilov is an award-winning Russian artist whose works have been featured in solo and group exhibitions nationally. With a background in street art and graffiti, a surfing trip to Indonesia inspired him to turn his attention towards seascapes. In addition to wave and surf-themed compositions, Kornilov also paints landscapes and mountainscapes using oils on canvas. He creates in plein air whenever possible. 


Born in 1990 and raised in Ivanovo, Russia. Now lives in Moscow region. Member of the International Federation of Artists. Artworks in a museum and private collections in Russia, USA, Germany, United Kingdom, Georgia and New Zealand. Artworks are represented by online-galleries. For any questions and requests please use social media or e-mail hi@kirillfarke.art




2016 - "Sense is hidden on the street", Yaroslavl, Russia

2016 - "Night of unnamed artists", Moscow, Russia

2017 - "The poetry of Muranovo landscapes", Moscow, Russia

2018 - personal exhibition "From Graffiti to Oil Painting", Ivanovo, Russia

2018 - "The poetry of Muranovo landscapes", Sergiyev Posad, Russia

2018 - "Native time of the year", Ivanovo, Russia

2019 - personal exhibition, museum in Privolzhsk, Ivanovo

2019 - Exhibition of art-residents, FLACON1170, Sochi Russia

2019 - "The poetry of Muranovo landscapes", Moscow, Russia

2019 - "Our fad", Ivanovo, Russia




2008 - "New wave Jam 2", Moscow

2008 - "Open sky", Ivanovo

2009 - "Chelles Pro", Moscow

2009 - "Street Way", Kostroma

2010 - "Kofemolka", Cheboksary

2010 - "Street Way", Kostroma

2010 - "1000 years of Yaroslavl"

2011 - "Style wars", Vladimir

2012 - "Graffiti jam", Tula

2012 - "Biblionight", Ivanovo

2012 - "Style wars", Vladimir

2014 - "Sketch&Spray", Yaroslavl